12.07.2024 | ACI in €/100kg € 1.039,50
11.07.2024 | ACI in €/100kg € 1.044,52
12.07.2024 | LME in €/100kg € 888,45
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Service Division


Everything we do – we do it for you.
We offer comprehensive services for your continuous
casting equipment from the tundish to the cutting torch.

We provide, beside new components,  re–coating service for used mould and refurbishment of mill rolls, chucks
and bearing houses.


Your Full Service Provider for Continuous Casting Equipment


Our Service Portfolio



Melting & Casting Services

Mould Assemblies

From the smallest size billet mould to remotely adjustable slab moulds – cunova builds and assembles all types of casting moulds complete with their complex drive and control systems. Here, too, the uncompromising quality standards of  cunova are ensured through in-process quality control at all stages of a project, no matter whether it is a one-off job or the manufacture and assembly of a whole series of moulds. These services for maintenance and re-coating are for customer’s requirements on a worldwide basis.

Melting & Casting Services

Repair of Mould Plates

cunova‘s maintenance and repair services for mould plates include the proper remachining as well as repair  of stud-welded moulds and possible re-coating of the copper, plus a complete overhaul of the entire mould assembly, if needed. In the case of a complete mould overhaul, the mould  will be dismantled and all its mechanical and supporting parts will be inspected and, if necessary, renewed. Like cunova‘s newly built moulds, the reassembled unit complete with the remachined copper – or with new copper, if necessary – will undergo a complete operational check.

Melting & Casting Services

Repair of Mould Tubes

As a matter of basic principle, mould tubes are designed as expendable items. Yet, in certain cases it may be economically worthwhile for a client to have his largesection mould tubes reworked. Our service experts will be happy to advise you on the validation of such a case.

First-class Service. Always close at Hand.

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