12.07.2024 | ACI in €/100kg € 1.039,50
11.07.2024 | ACI in €/100kg € 1.044,52
12.07.2024 | LME in €/100kg € 888,45
12.07.2024 | LME in USD/Ton $ 0,00
12.07.2024 | EUR/USD € 0,00000

ACI Copper Index

Innovative solutions for your production process

As the world's leading supplier of customised copper and copper alloy products and solutions, we combine all key technologies under one roof. With our research and development department, we continuously adapt our products to the needs of our customers and develop innovative solutions that optimise processes and reduce the carbon footprint.


Innovations & Technologies

Research & further development

We combine all the key technologies for planning, development, production and service relating to the material "copper" under one roof. This unique combination of know-how and many years of experience makes us one of the world's leading suppliers of customised products and solutions made of copper and copper alloys.

Our research and development department is constantly working on adapting our products to new customer requirements. This applies not only to new alloys but also to innovative processing methods and coatings. New findings in materials science are incorporated into our work, as are innovative calculation methods such as numerical simulation.

Together with our customers we develop new solutions which optimise their processes, increase productivity, reduce their carbon footprint and open up new markets for our clients. A current example is the development of innovative processes for the production of powder used in additive manufacturing. Another is the digital monitoring of our products on site, which enables predictive maintenance.