23.02.2024 | ACI in €/100kg € 920,92
22.02.2024 | ACI in €/100kg € 924,29
23.02.2024 | LME in €/100kg € 779,04
23.02.2024 | LME in USD/Ton $ 0,00
23.02.2024 | EUR/USD € 0,00000

ACI Copper Index

ACI is successor of MK note

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KME Special Products & Solutions publishes new metal quotation Copper

Osnabrück.In October of this year, the KME Group stopped publishing the MK-Notiz. It was the basis of calculation for all semi-finished product sales in Germany. Due to the market significance, cunova GmbH (formerlyKME Special Products & Solutions GmbH (KME SPS) has launched a successor: the ACI - Advanced Copper Index.

The discontinuation of the exchange-dependent copper quotation MK-Notiz, which widely served as a settlement basis for the purchase and sale of copper products, caused surprise among market experts in the fall. "Since this was a decision made by the parent company of the KME Group, we have no influence on the resumption of the quotation," explains Christof Dratner, responsible for the Industrial Applications business unit at KME SPS. Since KME SPS has been operating independently since the beginning of the year - with a majority detached from the KME Group - it was decided to define a successor for the MK listing in the form of the ACI. KME SPS is thus responding to the unmistakable demand in the industry to reactivate the listing as an important orientation aid.

"The ACI uses exactly the same calculation parameters as the MK quotation," explains Frank Richter, Head of Metals Purchasing. The data now published can certainly be regarded as the familiar orientation prices, they have just been wrapped in a new dress with a different name, according to KME SPS. The ACI will be published with immediate effect at

advanced-copper-index.com or cunova.com/aci .

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